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Claudia St. John is president of Affinity HR Group, LLC, an HR and management consulting firm that provides human resources compliance, recruiting and organizational development support to small to mid-sized companies nationwide.  Claudia is also the author of Transforming Teams – Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust, a “#1 Hot New Release” on Amazon.com. 

A frequent public speaker who is quoted often in national and industry press, Claudia is a regular contributor to numerous print and electronic publications on the topic of human resources. Her professional passion is in employee engagement, team development and workplace communications. 

Claudia holds an undergraduate degree in employee benefits and labor relations from The American University and a master’s degree in business and public administration from The George Washington University, and numerous HR and behavioral science certifications.

Trust and Promises–Why they matter and what they mean at work

What are the components of trust? How do they relate to our everyday workplace?  And why do promises matter?  This session explores the interrelated components of trust and how they are impacted by the commitments we make to each other and how well we manage them.  Content is derived from the book, “Transforming Teams – Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust.”    The session also explores ways to improve collaboration and accountability.

Outcomes – Session Attendees:

·       Learn about the components of trust and the breakdowns that can damage relationships at work

·       Explore the role that making and managing promises has in a group or team dynamic

·       Gain an understanding of how they can improve their own trustworthiness and relationships