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Executive Board
Laurie Robbins - President & Chairperson
Kathy Lawler - Vice President
Charlie Walker - Treasurer
Colleen Franklin & Anne Moretti - Co-Secretary

Committee Members

Laurie Robbins                           Colleen Franklin                             Rhonda Cabrinha
Liberty Mutual                               Parsons & Associates                      Ellis, Moreland & Ellis
2018 Chairperson                         Event Coordinator                            Super Star Sponsors

Mary Catherine Cullen               Tom Farneti                                     Kathy Lawler
Liberty Mutual                              OneGroupNY, Inc.                            IIABNY, Inc.
Registration                                  Keynote Speaker                             Exhibitors

Charlie Walker                            Crystal Swanson                            Patti Laxton
AmWINS Brokerage of NY           Liberty Mutual                                  CNA Insurance
Treasurer                                      IPOD/Registration                           Awards & Gifts

Anne Moretti                               Patty Bagozzi                                 Jennifer Caporin               
Dryden Mutual                             Haylor, Freyer & Coon                     Eastern Shore Assoc.
Scholarships                                Scholarships                                    Decorations

Christi Quesada                         Keith Lindstrom                             Mark Palinkas
ENV Prop. & Cas. LLC                NYCM (Retired)                               Oswego Mutual
Scholarship                                  Door Prizes                                     Master Of Ceremonies

Kelly Isabella                             Sarah Culver                                   Earl Staring III                            
Eastern Shore Assoc.                 Hanover Insurance                           Erie & Niagara                
Decorations                                 Exhibitors                                         Morning Speaker                                   

Chris Vigueria                           Brittany Krywosa     
AmWINS Brokerage of NY         Liberty Mutual
Exhibitors                                    Sponsors

At Large
Sue Nastasia, QBE
Jim Corbett, Hanover Insurance
Sandy Woodman, ERAC
Megan Young, PSPI Group
Adam Barkley
Carrie Shaw, OneGroup